A Vardy Party at The Emirates Stadium?

Hello my name is the Biggishmouth and I will be guest writing on this site on occasion, throwing in some comment and opinion on various football topics. Today –  Jamie Vardy, should he head to Arsenal?

If what is being reported is to be believed he has been offered a significant pay rise to join the Gunners and at 29 years of age this is surely going to be his last chance at being able to play at one of the so called ‘big boys’ of English football. Obviously he would be leaving the current champions Leicester City and some people would say why leave, especially as he signed a brand new (60k a week reportedly) new contract only earlier this year. However the devil is always in the detail and the fact a 20 million pound Champions League side clause was inserted into said contract tells me, anyway, he was not going to be as loyal as might have been expected – and to be fair footballers in general are not the most loyal of people when an opportunity like this comes calling. My gut feeling says he is going to go, though the fact there has been no announcement before he has headed off to the Euro’s with England will give Leicester fans hope he may well stay. However lets be honest the distance from Melton Mowbray to North London isn’t that far is it.

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  1. Lee Hunter

    I think it’s got Francis Jeffers written all over it personally.

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