Euro 2016: A Punter’s Tale

So we’re almost a week in to Euro 2016 and I wanted to take a look at the tournament so far from a punter’s perspective. I decided to use small stakes to try to make a profit betting on the tournament on a daily basis. The idea is not to necessarily bet on every game, but just trying to make one or two smart bets every day and see if I can beat the bookies over the course of the month. Well, you never know…

Day 1

So we started with France v Romania on the opening day, and obviously everyone was all over France to win. No surprise there, they were one of the tournament favourites, home advantage, mediocre opponents and a talented squad, particularly in attack. There was no value to be had by backing France at most bookies, so I decided to open a new account and in doing so was able to claim a new customer Euro 2016 offer with Betfair (which was one of many options on the list). So I got 5/1 France to win, money back if I lose. Had to sweat a bit for the winner but nicely done, money in the bag.

Day 2

On to Saturday and I skipped the first match and got stuck in to Wales v Slovakia. I didn’t fancy Wales and decided to back Slovakia in-play when Wales went ahead. I got around 7/1 doing this and when the equaliser went in it was looking good. Sadly I never cashed out when I had the advantage and was left ruing this decision when Robson-Kanu scuffed in the winner. Some you win, some you lose. Still happy it was a value bet and fair play to Wales, they deserved it.

So we moved on to the England v Russia match and I tried desparately to stay sober enough to bet. One stat that I couldn’t escape was that England had never won their opening match in any European Championship. This was ripe for an in-play trade so after Eric Dier scored I placed an unpatriotic bet, backing the draw. My intention had been to cash out this time, but the Russia goal came so late I never even got the chance so had to accept the full profit. This helped numb the pain of the result, although as Kristian wrote, the entire thing was marred by the crowd trouble. Let’s all hope for no more of that!

Day 3

A bit hung over today so couldn’t be bothered to do much thinking. I wanted Norther Ireland to do well but was able to engage head over heart, and when I saw their team sheet I couldn’t get behind them. A small double on Germany and Poland both to win was the order of the day and that came in nicely. Earlier though I had lost a bit by backing Turkey in-play after Croatia had scored. The Turks had their chances but forgot where the goal was so that bet went down. Still slightly up for the day though, although the bookies weren’t exactly quaking in their boots!

Stay tuned for part 2….

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