Everton for a top 4 finish?

Koeman been busy in the transfer window

You might ask why? Or you might ask what are the top 4 odds? Well with all the work Ronald Koeman and the Everton board have done in the past few weeks you’d have every right to ask both questions. They have been very busy in the summer transfer window, in fact they have been the busiest club in the whole of the Premier League so far. I say good luck to them, the board are getting Koeman’s targets in, whilst others clubs seem to still be struggling to get theirs in before their planes fly off across the globe for pre-season tours.

Why top four though you might still ask? My answer would be what is the point of them aiming for that? Okay it would be great to have some big teams from Spain and Italy coming to visit Goodison Park is a year or so. The fans in the Gwladys Street End and the rest of the ground would absolutely be in their element and roaring on their team in a midweek Champions League tie, but why should that be their only aim?

Davy Klaassen in from Ajax

All I’ve heard in the past week on sports radio and sports TV news in that this is now going to happen and they’re now going to be challenging for a “top 4” place and getting themselves back to the towards the top of the league. Yes some fans believe all the media hype. Thankfully and this is my point, most of the Everton fans I’ve heard call in to certain shows and messages they have sent in via social media were more realistic and honest. Saying that they would actually like to start winning trophies again, rather than aiming for something that you get to trophy for. Listening to all of this I couldn’t agree more and their attitudes pleased me know end.

Michael Keane in from Burnley

It’s been 22 years since they won a major trophy and that one is probably now one trophy in about thirty years? I’m nearly 40 years of age myself so can pretty much remember all of the last thirty domestic cup finals and I know for a fact Everton have never even won a League Cup trophy in that time. And until I actually looked it up just now I didn’t even know they’d not actually won it before I was born either. Everton Football Club have never won a league cup? Blimey!

Surely that has to be the aim, I think the majority of fans would agree. If I’m wrong Everton fans please let me know in the comments at the very bottom of this page. How many “lesser” (and I don’t like to use that word) clubs than Everton have won it? I’m sure I could easily come up with ten teams in less than a minute. Too many times this club has been dumped out in the early rounds of the League Cup and FA Cup – one final appearance recently in 2009 is not good enough.

If things are to change for Everton with signings like Keane, Pickford, Klassen, Onyekury, Ramirez. With Rooney now back at his boyhood club as well. Along with youngsters like Lookman, Davies and all the lads that helped the England U20 squad win the World Cup too. Then Everton’s best way to say they’re now on the up and moving in the right direction would be to win something next season, if not the next. That for me would be a statement.

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