FA Cup & Championship Super 6

super 6 predictionsMorning all, yet another early start, well it’s been half-term in my household this week, so have hardly had a chance to get anything done, let alone sit down and study this week’s football fixtures. I’m up now though and I have just looked at the games on today’s Super 6 prediction game. It’s going to be an interesting afternoon! For the first time in a while though I have a free Saturday afternoon so I’ll actually catch today’s Soccer Saturday, whilst working at the same time of course.

As for my midweek blog predictions, I knew I should have gone for a PSG win, I did say it didn’t I if you have a look. However, I bottled it and failed to go with my instincts. Of course I’d never have got the 4-0 scoreline correct, who would have? What a thumping as well, I watched the game and PSG were pretty impressive. I watched the Benfica and Dortmund game highlights later too without knowing the score and my word, how did Dortmund not score with the chances that they actually had?

No points for me from the Champions League games then, plus both Brighton and Villa let me down but thankfully I’m now on a run as I continue to get some correct scores and of course some 5 points coming in. Predicting a 2-2 draw is quite difficult and you don’t see people putting it down too often, however that is two I have predicted in the past week. Keep watching this space.

More Championship games today then, along with FA Cup 5th Round fixtures. The Championship is certainly hotting up now, not just at the top end around the play offs either. Down the bottom is all change as well, with new managers now getting the best out of the teams they have taken over in recent weeks and months. They’re picking up results here and there which makes predictions that much harder at this time of the season. Even those teams in the middle of the table pick up or drop off as well, as just a couple of wins will see you jump into the playoff contention but a couple of loses and you could be quite easily dragged into the relegation battle.

The FA Cup is going to be interesting too, although I can’t see as many shocks and upsets this round as there were the last but as we always say, you just never know. Both Manchester City and Middlesbrough have tricky ties but I think they’ll be fine. Leicester City though, I’m not so sure and with their recent form major lack of goals I can see them getting beat at Millwall today. Anyway, here are my score predictions for today:

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