I’m back with my Super 6 predictions

super 6 predictionsGood afternoon and Happy New Year to you all!! Is it still a bit late to be saying that? It probably is now as it’s the middle of January, but it’s better to say it than not say it I suppose. Think it’ll be the last time I said it though. Anyway, sorry for rambling, I’ll get on with it. Yes my Soccer Saturday Super 6 predictions are back. If anyone wants to play along, you can do so for free by opening a Sky Bet account and you get a free bet as well when you do!

I still managed to do them over the past couple of weeks, but have been unable to blog or write an article etc on them as I’ve been away. It had to be done though, not had a holiday in ages so thought it was the perfect time to get away. Christmas was excellent with the family, hope yours was as well? It was just nice to get away though. Didn’t stop me watching all the football that was on whilst away though. I know they always go on about a winter break for the footballers and I’ve always been against it, but if they did it in January say, rather than at Christmas I think it could work?

You can’t take away all those Christmas games, it’s part of tradition and we’re losing more and more of that in the game as time goes by. I’m all for change of course, but let’s think about the fans and their families going to games together over the festive period as well.

Right, on with why we’re here, football predictions. Below are my previous three weeks of results. Nothing amazing as you can see. Back to my average score of around eight points, not the best I know but it’s always tricky over the festive period with players arrested etc. Don’t mentioned last weekend either, I definitely logged on, filled the scores in but must have close the browser eventually without actually saving it. I was gutted when I logged on.

Week 23 Results
Week 24 Results
Week 25 – don’t ask, I must have forgotten to press save

Onto this week and with teams having injuries, suspensions and new players in their cos of the January transfer window it’s going to be tough. Here goes though, here are my predictions for Week 26:

Enjoy whatever football you’re watching yourselves today!

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