Image rights Jose Mourinho?

I’m aware the decision was made a few weeks ago now, but it’s still bugging me and I still have a few simple questions and issues to ask about a certain Jose Mourinho?

Firstly, is he going to be any different to LVG? Secondly, is it only me that thinks it’s ridiculous that when Man Utd wanted to sign him as their manager, he was arguing over image rights instead of signing there and then on the dotted line? He shouldn’t have even been considering what his wage was going to be or length of image rights. It was MANCHESTER UNITED calling. He should have been jumping at the chance to get as signed as soon as. Sorry, but I don’t like him and he certainly doesn’t impress me in any way.

After reading the above, you’ve probably got something say and disagree with my thoughts. Okay, I’ll apologise slighty. At the time though these were my thoughts, but I have since learned it was more conflicts with Chelsea as they owed his image rights. Either way for something like that to come up and potentially compromise signing for United is completely wrong. It should have been sorted as a matter of urgency.

Since then I’ve read in numerous articles people comparing him to Fergie (Sir Alex Ferguson). I just have to laugh. He shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath. Fergie has built and re-built team after team after team and still carried on the success. Jose has never seen a fourth year at any of the clubs he has been at in his career, whilst pretty much been handed the cash and players to win the league titles.Jose rant

Managers should always be looking for long-term futures. Benitez is an example of that recently with his commitment towards Newcastle, he could have easily walked but decided to stay and hopefully build a team to challenge for promotion next season and beyond. Maybe Jose has changed though, maybe he’ll still be at Manchester United in seven or eight years time. I doubt it, but we’ll see.

You’ll probably think my opinions are wrong, however they’re my opinions, thanks for listening. Oh and by the way, I didn’t even bring up his treatment of Eva Carneiro.

Guest post by Oscar

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