My diary of watching ALL of Euro 2016 (Day 1)

Hello, my name is Ian and I’m going to be bringing you a brief blog each day of my match day goings on of trying to watch every Euro 2016 game. Day 1.

Yesterday was quite a quiet morning considering the Euros were due to start later that night. Don’t get me wrong I’d been happily getting excited day by day as the days got closer. However, for some reason I was busy with work and didn’t think too much about it. Then mid-afternoon I had a brain wave, well not quite but the thought that crossed my mind was essential to my plan!

I went downstairs, turned on my Virgin Media box and proceeded to set up recordings for every live match coming up on both the BBC and ITV channels. As well as each evenings highlights show just in case. You just never know what incident, delay or accident could occur which meant I could be missing out on some certain action. Anyway, job done, I’m now set-up for every game of the group stages.Wallchart

Next up went the wall chart, now I was getting in the mood.

Now on to the game, I predicted France 2 – Romania 0 before kick off but first I had to make kick off. I had to attend my local football club’s end of season do last night. Doors opened 7.30pm and I checked beforehand the football would be on. Just to get there now.

On Thursday I’d felt terrible with a bad cold so was planning on driving to the do, but after feeling better my wife offered to drive and drop me off. Job done! However, it wasn’t to be, 90 minutes before kick off our car had a flat tyre, panic sets it, I can’t make miss kick off! A thirty-minute bus journey and a twenty-minute walk it is then. I make kick off with four minutes to spare. Grab a couple of beers, find a seat and sit down.

Chatting to the lads, trying to watch the match with no commentary as a DJ blasts out his cheesy tunes I realise this could be a tricky evening of trying to watch the game properly. Anyway, Payet and Giroud stand out, Giroud more so for the chances he keeps missing. About 9.10pm presentation time begins at the do, so the music goes off and attention turns away from the game for around 25 minutes, I see two goals go in out of the corner of my eye. Perfect timing!

Music back on, time for some more beers and the last ten minutes of the game. What a goal from the man of the match Payet, as he controls the ball on the edge of the area with his right foot before smashing it into the top corner with his left foot. France off to a winning start and I’ve managed to not miss too much of the opening game. Still, it doesn’t stop me watching the highlights show when I got in late last night just to make sure.

Next up three games today!

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