My diary of watching ALL of Euro 2016 (Day 11)

Hello, my name is Ian and I’m going to be bringing you a brief blog each day of my match day goings on of trying to watch every Euro 2016 game. Day 11.

No 2pm or 5pm kicks offs again yesterday, they’re now few and far between which means we’re getting to the business end of the tournament. Where teams are now either going home, staying for the next round or for some, staying and waiting to see if the results go their way to see if they go through to the next round. Currently those teams are Albania and Slovakia.

Roy Slovakia_v_England
Roy and players disappointed

I still think it’ll be tough for Albania to get through but if Germany put a load past Northern Ireland tonight then the chances become greater.

England and Wales are through. I’ve seen on social media, on the news and heard on the radio a lot of people’s opinions already and most are critical of Roy’s changes last night and the performance. In a way I see their point, yes we should be beating the likes of Slovakia and Russia – but to be honest, we’re through.

We haven’t lost yet, we have only conceded two goals and I think every player that has played so far, well maybe not Sterling, but everyone else has contributed. We just can’t seem to score, I’d be more worried if we weren’t even creating chances though. Yes last night we dominated possession and yes we created chances. Slovakia had no need to go out and score. They just needed a point to pretty much secure themselves a place in the Round of 16 and so defended like their lives counted on it.

I was frustrated at the end but it’s all about playing the game on the day and I thought they did that. Yes we finished 2nd to Wales but so what. I honestly don’t care who we play in the next round. Bring on anyone. I’ve never agreed with this ‘avoiding’ certain teams policy. You get who you get and you plan for that game. Lets have some belief in these young lions.

Bale now has 3 goals in three games

I watched the game at home last night with my eldest, he was slightly disappointed that he’d stay up and not seen any goals, but I told him at the end that we’d qualified and we’re into the next round. Where we’ll play one of Austria, Hungary, Iceland or Portugal. None of them I fear. He was happy with that.

The Wales game I watched this morning as planned, knowing the 3-0 scoreline obviously. They played well but Russia were dreadful. I’ve heard fans saying well Wales spanked them, why couldn’t England. The first group game is totally different to the last group game. Last night Russia had to try to win or they were going out, so were quite open. However, in the opening game it’s all about trying to not lose and so the games are a whole lot tighter. Don’t agree? Oh well, that is my opinion. Roll on next Monday at 8pm.

Oh and I’m going 1-0 to both Germany and Poland in tonight’s Group C games.

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