My diary of watching ALL of Euro 2016 (Day 2)

Hello, my name is Ian and I’m going to be bringing you a brief blog each day of my match day goings on of trying to watch every Euro 2016 game. Day 2.

Good morning! Day two was always going to be a tricky affair, if not a lazy one too. It was the first day of the tournament in which I had three games in total to watch, come on! Now, being a cricket and rugby fan as well – this made the day even more of a disaster sport wise as something had to give. It’s not very often you have England playing international sport in football, cricket and rugby all on the same day – but yesterday we did.

England rugby were playing Australia down under and England cricket were playing day 3 of their third test against Sri Lanka at Lords. Something had to give, as I obviously couldn’t be missing any football action this early in the competition. Therefore, on this occasion it had to be the cricket as I pressed the record button for the highlights show.

Oh, did I mention I had football coaching first thing yesterday morning? No, ah okay, well this made the prospect of watching the rugby live impossible, as I pressed the record button once again. Now the day became about timings. Football wise we had a 2pm, 5pm and then an 8pm kick off. I was due to get back from coaching around 11.30am. This could work I thought to myself and so it did.

With the rugby watched (brilliant game by the way), I was now into my day of football. Now I like the build up to games with pundits views and then all the quirky training ground reports, cultural city tours and fans interviews that the reporters do. It gives you more of a feel of what’s going on before, during and after games.

Anyway, food and drink in place it was football time at last. I’d gone for a 1-0 win to Switzerland against Albania before kick off, so when Schar scored for the Swiss and Cana was sent off in the first half I knew I was in with a shout of getting it correct. The Swiss just about deserved the win but the Albanians certainly had some very good chances.Wales vs Slovakia Bale

Up next was Wales v Slovakia, not before I had time to take the kids out for an hour first to have a run around and play some football of their own. I was back just in time for kick off and good job as Bale smashed home a free kick after just 10 minutes. Two out of two prediction wise as well, I’d gone for 2-1 to Wales so when Robson-Kanu scuffed home the winner near the end I sort of hoped they hang on and they did, they were definitely the better team.

Onto to England!! With the youngest in bed and my wife out for the evening it was a lads night in with my eldest as we tidied the front room, sorted food, juice and beer and got comfy for the game before kick off. And what a good England performance too, fully enjoyed every single minute of the first 91 minutes and then <gutted> … I thought Rooney, Lallana, Ali, Dier – in fact they all played well, quietest was probably Kane who didn’t really get any service. Overall the victory should have been and England one, but when you don’t put away your earlier chances you can always be punished. I’d gone for 2-1 to England.

Onto England’s next game, I’m confident we’ll beat Wales (maybe 2-0) but the welsh will be fully confident they can now beat us. Back to last night, the eldest was put to bed, he wasn’t happy at all and I then just watched my cricket highlights with one last beer. Eventful day of sport. Shame about the violence inside the ground at the end of the England v Russia game as well, I’m just catching up with it all now 🙁

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