My diary of watching ALL of Euro 2016 (Day 3)

Hello, my name is Ian and I’m going to be bringing you a brief blog each day of my match day goings on of trying to watch every Euro 2016 game. Day 3.

Saturday was a late night but I was still up early to get some work done Sunday morning and get my Day 2 report in. Unfortunately that meant remembering the night before and the England game. Yes, I was still gutted with the result but performance wise we were good. I was concerned for the safety of English fans after the reported troubles of Russian fans charging at them at the end of the game.

Knowing a friend was over there at the ground with his lad, who’s the same age as mine, must of been very scary if in and around that area of the stadium. Thankfully since then I’ve heard all is fine, but the situation could of been much much worse. I was half expecting trouble outside the ground and around the pubs and bars of Marseille – more so because of the history of England being there back in 1998. Inside the ground though, this wasn’t fans getting angry with each other because of certain chanting or the result, it was planned attacks by Russians that by the sounds of it were always going to happen.

Anyway, sad that I’m here this morning blogging about voilence rather than the actual football that’s going on. I had to mention it, but no more for now – on with the football.

After a few hours work Sunday morning and a quick walk with the family, I was back for lunch and ready for Turkey v Croatia at 2pm. I’d gone for a 1-1 with this game because Turkey don’t lose mention and have been difficult to beat recently but watching the game it was Croatia all the way. I love the fact that this morning I’m reading that the country of Turkey is not very happy with midfielder Ozan Turfan after he was caught sorting his hair our rather than closer down Modric before he scored.

Compared to Saturday this was a more chilled and relaxing day of watching football and with Northern Ireland v Poland up next (I went 1-0 to Poland) I was again comfortable and ready to go. NI looked a good solid and drilled unit defensively but just didn’t really offer anything up top. Lewandowski was kept quiet but after a good move just after half time Milik gave Poland the leave and they never really looked troubled after that.

After a nice chicken roast dinner it was Germany v Ukraine and I wasSchwinny
hopeful of plenty of goals in this game so I went with 3-1 to Germany. I later found out that the majority of my friends had gone 2-0, which thinking about it whilst the game was going on was probably the most predictable score. However, at 1-0 going into injury time the game looked over. Then Ukraine, trying to get an equaliser got caught out. Germany broke and up popped their legendary captain Schweinsteiger, who’d not been on the pitch long. To make the game 2-0.

After just a couple of evening beers during the football. I once again caught up with my England cricket highlights, although due to the weather there wasn’t much to show. Then I was off to bed for an early one compared to the night before.

A very quiet but enjoyable day in my quest to watch all of the Euro 2016 games. I know there are tougher days ahead. Not today though, roll on three more games.


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