My diary of watching ALL of Euro 2016 (Day 5)

Hello, my name is Ian and I’m going to be bringing you a brief blog each day of my match day goings on of trying to watch every Euro 2016 game. Day 5.

Yesterday 2pm came and went as I just sat there at my desk working. The previous days I’d already become use to getting my lunch ready and then sitting down to watch the 2pm game. Not yesterday, I continued to work for a few more hours whilst clock watching towards 4.30pm and Austria v Hungary.

Whilst working though the news broke on the radio that UEFA had given Russia a suspended ban and a fine of 150,000 euros. Which basically means, if their fans commit another incident inside the ground (remember that, inside the ground) like they did against England on Saturday then they will be thrown out of the tournament. I think a warning is fine but for me UEFA have bottled it some what, only inside the ground?

UEFA should have more sanction in and around the grounds as well as across all the host towns and cities in France. They have a responsibly to the every day French people working, living and going about their business. They should take it up themselves to take action outside the ground as well as inside. That goes for every team of course, including England, and not just Russia.

Anyway, on with yesterday’s two games and Hungary probably turned up the shock result of the tournament so far. Beating Austria 2-0, some of whom had predicted might go quite far and are a bit of an outside tip? I couldn’t see it myself, even more so when Adam Szalai scored after 62 minutes and then Austria went down to 10 men five minutes later.

Adam Szalai scores his first goal this year
Adam Szalai scores his first goal this year

After Szalai had scored, the commentator announced (I think) that it was his first international goal in 18 months and his first goal in all competitions since before Christmas last year? Really, I just wondered to myself how on earth he’d made the squad. And ahead of which others players?

Onto Portugal v Iceland. I had a league AGM to attend for my Sunday morning football team. It’s a £50 fine for the team if you do not attend. The meeting started at 8pm. Now I knew the football would be on at the venue but when I got there I decided to sit away from the TV to avoid it, so I could watch it later on when I got back in. Unfortunately when Nani scored, someone proceeded to talk to me and announce how ‘that was a good goal and finish’ and how he’d heard Nani was coming back to Manchester United?

I don’t know what I was more disgusted about, Nani coming back to United or that this guy had informed me of a goal. Anyway, I managed to avoid the rest of the game and as I left I presumed it was still 1-0 Portugal. On arriving home around 9.30pm I put the whole game on ‘as live’ and enjoyed it.

Iceland’s first ever goal at a major tournament

I’d been waiting to see how Iceland would do, I’ve been following their progress for over two years now – since they missed out on World Cup 2014 qualification in the play offs. I’d also looked into their coaching procedures and training facilities considering the climate their young players are brought up in. Most impressed indeed.

Right, on with the show today – back to three games again and the second round of fixtures.

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