My diary of watching ALL of Euro 2016 (Day 6)

Hello, my name is Ian and I’m going to be bringing you a brief blog each day of my match day goings on of trying to watch every Euro 2016 game. Day 6.

I’ve not missed a game yet then, even with the last two days having a tricky aspect to them with having to watch either a whole game or a half on delay. Yesterday was no different though. As I had to take my lad to extra football training at 6pm last night ahead of his own tournament this weekend.

Again, up early around 6pm to start work – well after all the 2pm kick offs were back after one day without them. Phew. Russia lost to Slovakia in this game but what a throughly enjoyable game. I’d said like most, that a draw would probably be the best result allround from England fan perspective. To be honest though, you should never rely on other teams results. I’m confident we’ll beat Wales later today.

Slovakia were excellent in the first half against Russia and were rightforly ahead at half time with goals from both their stand out players Weiss and Hamsik. Hamsik’s strike in fact is one of the best finishes in the tournament so far I think. Russia had looked as poor as they did against England, but after their half-time subs and another one later on something clicked in. I’m not sure if Slovakia thought they’d got the win in the bag, but Russia gave it a real good go in the last twenty minutes and in the end could of quite easily snatched a 2-2 draw.

For the next hour then, I had to make sure bags were packed and everything was ready to shoot out of the door at half time of the Romania v Switzerland game. I had no time for any delays. Oh, also a friend of mine and text me asking for my advise and prediction for this game, I told him how for me, Switzerland don’t tend to concede many goals but I’d still go for a 1-1 draw. He thanked me, but said he was going for a Romania win.

After my hours delay at football training. It wasn’t until 8pm when I finally finished watching the 2nd half, that I could text him to say told you. He laughed.

Griezmann with the first on 90 minutes

Compared to the previous two days, yesterday was quite easy in the terms of avoiding results and catching up with the games. As soon as the Swiss game had finished I put the France game straight on, I think I was only five minutes behind so had caught up fully by half time. The French left it very late again, it was a good game and eveutually they finsihed the game with two late goals this time. The first and most important from a Griezmann header on 90 minutes. Then the impressive Payet again in stoppage time, for this second goal of the tournament. The French are gaining momentum.

With all the football being on, I’ve not had chance to watch some of my other shows that I normally watch. I decided to stay up for a few hours last night and catch up with them. I thought it a good idea at the time, but now thinking about it and knowing I’m going down the pub at 1.30pm today for the England v Wales game. Plus then out for the rest of the day as well. It clearly wasn’t a good idea. I feel tidied already.

Oh well, on with the show. Come on England!!! I’m going for a 2-1 win.







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