My diary of watching ALL of Euro 2016 (first two Quarter Finals)

Hello, my name is Ian and I’m going to be bringing you a brief blog each day of my match day goings on of trying to watch every Euro 2016 game. First two Quarter Finals.

Poland 1-1 Portugal (3-5 pens) was the final outcome of Thursday night and I had no issues or other plans when this game was on, so sat happily at home at watched it. It did drag at times, especially in extra-time, but I thought it would all be different when Lewandowski scored in just the second minute. It wasn’t to be though and although most will say Portugal did deserve it. I think in 90 minutes 1-1 was fair. Portugal were the better team overall and Ronaldo missed some very good chances but Poland kept at it. Renato Sanches’ strike to equalise was special though, the kid has talent.

Penalties it was then, Ronaldo was up first this time to start the ball rolling and I think that was a big factor and they never looked back. Converting all five of their penalties. Poland’s old boy Blaszczykowski missed their fourth penalty which left Quaresma to score and send Portugal through to the semi’s having not won a single one of their five games inside of 90 minutes.

Blaszczykowski missed their fourth penalty
Blaszczykowski missed Poland’s fourth penalty

Wales 3-1 Belgium on Friday was a tricky one as I was out for my mum’s birthday with the rest of the family. Luckily and this had nowt to do with me, the table was booked for 6pm. Even more lucky was that the table was in a pub which just so happened was showing the football. Two hours in then and with everyone having finished eating a few of us sneaked off to watch the football, well the first half. As soon as half-time came we said our good byes and dashed off back to my folks for cake, drinks and the second half.

Nainggolan gave Belgium the lead inside twenty minutes and they were well on top at the time. Something then changed, I didn’t notice anything tactically. Belgium had started so well as a team but with most of their back four

3-1 Wales. That's all Vokes!
3-1 Wales. That’s all Vokes!

missing, then the younger players seeming to play for themselves it all went wrong. Wales took control and to be perfectly honest once they’d got the equaliser through their English-born captain Williams they never looked back.

Robson-Kanu made it 2-1 Wales mid-way through the second half with an outstanding turn, which sent three players the wrong way, before finishing it in the corner. Then with Belgium trying to chase the game, Wales made it 3-1 and that’s all Vokes hah. Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Very very well-played though Wales.

Right I’m off to the pub. Roll on Wednesday for Portugal (Ronaldo) v Wales (Bale).


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