My FA Cup Journey is still going – 5th Round

Hello, my name is Ian and after doing my (preview/review) blogs on this site covering all the games of Euro 2016. I decided to start a new project. To try to attend as many rounds of the FA Cup 2016/2017 season starting from the very beginning. I’m pleased to say I’m still going strong as I’ve managed every round so far and am still enjoying it. If you’ve followed me from the beginning then you’ll know I started with the Extra Preliminary Round and the Preliminary Round before going onto the First, Second, Third and Fourth Qualifying Rounds.

Then it was time for all the proper rounds of this great competition with the teams from Division One and Division Two joining in. Now, here we are, it’s time for the FA Cup Fifth Round proper after also attending the First, Second, Third and Fourth Round proper beforehand. As I’ve said before, with fewer teams now left and tickets becoming more difficult to get hold of. I didn’t have too many options once again, obviously though, cost wise I’m still trying to get to as many local games in the Manchester area. Like my other trips up to Bolton and down Macclesfield before going to Old Trafford on the last two occasions to watch my Manchester United team.

With the various teams left, including the non-league outfits I was hoping once United got through that we’d get an away day somewhere. We did but it wasn’t a new ground for me to attend. Not to worry, it was still a day out and an eleventh FA Cup game of the season. Blackburn is the furthest I’ve travelled in the cup this year and the first time I’ve got to a game via coach. I did go to Macclesfield on the train but all the other games I have either drove or got dropped off.

Blackburn disaray and haven’t really followed how they have been doing except to see most seasons since they been down, they have struggled in the bottom half

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