New Year’s Eve Super 6 predictions

desktop-logo (1)Good afternoon!! Hope you all had a very good Christmas and festive period so far. Happy New Year for tomorrow as well. It’s Soccer Saturday Super 6 predictions time again. The last one of the year! Apologies if you missed my predictions and round-up on Boxing Day, it was just a too busier time to get anything written up. I’m sure you can understand as most of us where possibly away or staying at someone else’s house or wherever. I crashed at my folks place on Christmas Day and by the time I’d recovered on Boxing Day after all the red wine and beer from the day before, it was time to get out of the house to go watch some football. I of course did manager to get my predictions done, just not enough time to get a blog done though.

Below then is my round-up from the weekend before Christmas. As you can see I only went along with three obvious results, when by the looks of it I should have gone along with at least one more obvious result. Which means I shouldn’t have given Swansea any hope at all against Middlesbrough. I did think Leicester might finally get their first away win of the season and the may have if they’d not been reduced to 10-men after Vardy was sent off.


Boxing day I did a little better but once again it was both the Leicester City and Swansea results that let me down. I should just give up on Swansea altogether instead of thinking this will be the weekend they get some sort of result. Everton beating the Foxes easily was a surprise too after their recent poor form. As I say every week, you do need to be getting at least one correct score each week, two if you can. I thought I had too with Man United beating Sunderland 3-0 as I’d predicted, only for Borini to score late in injury time to make it 3-1. Oh well.



Onto New Year’s Eve then, have a good one. I’m actually at a friend’s evening wedding reception tonight so it’s best I get my predictions out-of-the-way now. As I have no idea what state or where I might be tomorrow so here goes:



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