Oscar’s Super 6 this week

desktop-logo (1)I’ll be honest, after a few poor weeks of predictions, even though most of my friends were in the same boat, I was starting to doubt myself. I told myself it’s just because it’s the start of the season and not all the teams have settled down yet and got into a rhythm, I told myself all the new managers didn’t know their best teams as yet and I even told myself it’s because the transfer window is still open. All wrong. It’s purely luck I then told myself!

I’m only joking of course, you must have some basic knowledge beforehand and then a bit of luck comes into it during the game. I think having too much information and thinking you have too much knowledge can be bad though as your brain starts tricking itself and you. In fact sometimes it’s just as easy to go with your instinct.

Anyway, another week and I’m still here doing my predictions thanks to Two Footed Tackle – who’ve given me their full backing, haha – we’ve all heard before. Nah, I’m only kidding, they love letting me do my predictions on here – I think it’s a good insight into how people see and view games of football as well. It’s certainly better than no opinion at all. How boring would that be?

Sixteen points I got last week, two five pointers and three two pointers, job done I thought and I’ll take that. Then I saw my friends had similar points. Then I heard that because Scott Dann had scored a later equaliser for Palace that now meant 29 people had correctly predicted all six scores earning themselves around £8,600. Very well done!

Onto this week then, you might say I’ve bottled it as I’ve not gone for any away wins at all. In fact I’ve got for two score draws and four home wins. I have watched most of the highlight shows from this season so far and having looked again at the league standings in Division 1 and Division 2, here is what I’ve gone for.




Remember it’s Non League Day 2016 tomorrow so get yourself down to a game somewhere near you, instead of sat indoors watching Soccer Saturday or sat down the pub chatting rubbish. Have a good weekend all. Love football me.

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