Predict 6 scores to WIN £1 MILLION

super 6 predictionsAfternoon, how are we? April Fool’s day today but as it’s now past midday there is certainly no joking about when it comes to trying to win £1 millon! Therefore, if you do not have an account get clicking on the link at the bottom of this page now and get your predictions in for free, all you have to do is register. If you’re already registered like me, my friends and all our readers then you know the score and how it works. Entries as per usual need to be in before 3.00pm today for your chance to win the huge jackpot, if the jackpot isn’t won there’s a guaranteed £5,000 prize anyway for the highest points scorer.

All today’s predictions are Premier League which is a rarity these days with all the live games they have on each weekend on Saturdays, Sundays and of course Mondays. Some big teams playing at 3pm too, which again does not happy very often but all of Manchester United, Chelsea, Spurs and last seasons Champions Leicester players are at it today. It’s always more tricky than normal predicting scores of football matches just after the international break because of the break etc. However, sometimes it is just best to go with the obvious Super 6 prediction that comes into your head first. game.

Thankfully I have no plans whatsoever today, so it’s going to be a cracking afternoon of watching all the live football that is on. Starting with the Merseyside derby in about thirty minutes time. Anyway, here goes then, my score predictions for today:

United have a lot of players missing through injury and have struggled at home against the so-called lesser teams, plus West Brom going well. Still a United win, just. Chelsea and Leicester homes wins predicted too as well, with draws for between both Burnley and Spurs, then Hull and West Ham. The only one I’ve gambled on you could say would be Sunderland winning away at Watford but I just think they’re due to get going very soon to try to survive.

Sky Bet Sucks!

I am ditching Sky Bet and closing my account with them as they have been revealed to be THIEVES and crooks. Unbeknown to me they are not even owned by Sky any more and the new company who does own them have stolen money from a lot of people. So please, DO NOT bet at Sky Bet!

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