Why Premier League is best league in the world?

I suppose that all depends on what you perceive as the best but for me it is, then again I don’t watch much other football so I’m pretty bias. Sorry. I’m also very angry at the moment when I should be happy and excited with the season starting tomorrow, so why am I not? The reason is because I am now sick of the summer break, sick of the transfer window and sick of certain pundits and media repeating the same old stuff. Please stop being boring and actually have an opinion, rather than worrying about what people might think of you. I love it when there is a breaking story and everyone gets excited but then the boring old tribe is chatted and churned out. Driving me nuts!

For that reason, I thought I’d give you my quick opinion (not a rant I promise) on the season ahead for all the Premier League clubs and what we can expect? For now, I’ve just done the first five clubs in alphabetical order.


Bloody Wenger out, Wenger in, it’s boring now Arsenal fans. Sort yourselves out, the divide between you all last season was clear to see and didn’t help your team one bit. Wenger is in and to be honest I think you’ll do better than last season in the league (finish above Spurs), but I know that is not what you only want, you want to be Champions one again! Well, it ain’t happening this year but you may well win your FA Cup once again. Your new signings Kolasinac and Lacazette look good though, you just need to keep hold of Sanchez too. Top four finish.


Or is it AFC Bournemouth? Neither if you listen to the media as I keep hearing “little old Bournemouth”, well let me tell you they have certainly held their own over the past two seasons in the Premier League under Eddie Howe. What a tremendous job he has done and I can honestly see them doing it again this year. Maybe not as high as a finish as last year but they’ll go well. I like Ake and of course Defoe is a great signing and will score goals again, just hope Josh King can find the same form for you too.


I know nothing about Brighton if I’m honest, I’ve never even been there, but they fully deserve to be in the top division after so many years out of it. In recent times they have reminded me of Ipswich in the nineties, always near the top of the division, missing out on automatic promotion and then losing in the play offs as well. Finally they have it made it and they have money to back it up and everything seems to be going in the right direction. Saying that, a big name signing would have been good, I don’t recognise any of their summer signings. They’ll just avoid relegation.


The clean sheet specialists outside all of the top teams, but with Michael Keane leaving for Everton and with Sean Dyche running out of ideas they will struggle this year in my opinion. Their defence has been key with their lack of scoring goals and once again goals will be their issue. I’ve always liked Jon Walters, still do and he’s a top pro but if he’s the only striker option they bring in then they’ll be going down this season I’m afraid. Relegated.


The defending Premier League champions. We won’t be saying that this time next year as I do not think they will retain their title. Diego Costa was an absolutely pain but you cannot question his scoring ability and will be missed hugely once gone. Morata is good of course but it’ll take him time to settle in. Defensively they’re still strong but Conte has looked stressed and agitated all summer, if he carries on he may start losing his hair again.

Coming tomorrow, my thoughts on both Merseyside clubs, Palace, Leicester and new boys Huddersfield… If you disagree and have your own thoughts then please please do let us know below:

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