Rashford – If he is going to play – please use him properly!!!!!!!

Its the 73rd minute – England 1 Wales 1 in a their huge Group B clash in Lens. The English in the ascendancy looking for a winner. Wales digging in defending well and looking pretty comfortable. England’s manager, Roy Hodgson, has one more card to play and to his credit and my surprise he brings on Marcus Rashford, the young tyro from Manchester United, who only made his first team debut in February of this year.  Let me first explain, I don’t think Rashford should even be in the squad in my opinion Roy picked him initially because of who he plays for and its no coincidence captain, Wayne Rooney, is a club mate of young Marcus. Troy Deeney,  Jermaine Defoe and Andy Carroll arguably all had better seasons than the young 18 year old, but I wonder if he would be the wild card pick for an England squad if he played for their clubs Watford, Sunderland or West Ham respectively – I very much doubt, actually lets be honest, he wouldn’t. Roy has at least used him (unlike Sven when he took a 17 year old Theo Walcott to the 2006 World Cup) but my concern was that he was brought on to play down the left (because of England’s imbalanced squad), when his best position, and where he has caused all his damage since his first start has been done as a central striker. He didn’t really have too much influence when he came on, there was one run where his pace got him to the byline in the penalty area, but on the whole he looked a bit lost on occasion when running down the wing, he did however look dangerous when he cut and drifted inside. I still stand by my thought that he is in the squad more because of who he plays for, because that is how the manager thinks (Henderson and Wilshere both ahead of Drinkwater – bizarre), but if you are going to use him please use him down the middle where is pace, composure, link play and finishing has caused havoc to a number of defences this season. That is where he will cause lasting damage, not on the wing.

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