Round 31 of the Super 6 season

super 6 predictionsMorning!!! It was an even earlier start for me today than last week, thankfully I went to bed early once again last night. Unfortunately I didn’t go where I was meant to this morning due to my lad being ill, but I still had to get up and drop some equipment off before they travelled forty-five minutes south to have a couple of friendly games against another club. I have since heard we did pretty well and all went to plan, which is good news to hear. I actually thought there might be snow on the ground today after seeing some small drop of it landing last night.

Anyway, gave me a bit of time to get this done along with my fantasy football team, which for the first time in years I’m not doing very well at. Still enjoy doing it though, just don’t waste as much time as I use to doing it. I remember some Friday nights when I wasn’t out on the town, sat there for a few hours picking and swapping my team. Well I had more reason to then, there was money involved at the end of the season, not much, but worth getting your hands on if you could.

Okay, last weekend. A couple of results in the Super 6 prediction game were truly remarkable and unpredictable weren’t they? If anyone got them correct then they must have filled in their predictions as a joke? Crystal Palace 0 Sunderland 4? What a first half collapse that was from Palace, truly awful defending at times. Same can be said for both Everton and Bournemouth too, although the away team have been like that for a while now. Anyway, I’m guessing I wasn’t the only one to have had a bad week:

As for today, well all round it’s a big day of sport again with the Six Nations rugby continuing, plus the opening weekend of the Rugby League Super League season. Football is once again the priority for me today and I will be watching Arsenal vs Hull shortly, followed by United vs Watford I reckon. Not sure I’ll see Liverpool vs Spurs later live but will record it and if I can avoid the result will watch it later. Enjoy your football today people.

Sky Bet Sucks!

I am ditching Sky Bet and closing my account with them as they have been revealed to be THIEVES and crooks. Unbeknown to me they are not even owned by Sky any more and the new company who does own them have stolen money from a lot of people. So please, DO NOT bet at Sky Bet!


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