Six home wins in Super 6 today?

super 6 predictionsHello all once again, my word these Super 6 prediction games on coming think and fast aren’t they? It’s gone from one a week to two in a week in recent times. It’s obviously not a bad thing of course, because it means there is more football on than normal and when more football is on, you and I have more football to bet on. Get in!

Just the two points for me from the Champions League games then, it was an improvement on the previous week. How about all those goals too? The Man City games was mental and it’s been a long time since I’ve seen anything like that. I managed to avoid the result of the other games too, so when I watched the highlights of that I was most entertained as well. Some random scores in the Championship games too so I think it was a low scoring week all round for everyone. Not least for those people who keep forgetting to do their midweek Super 6.

With the League Cup Final, or the EFL Cup taking place this weekend there are quite a few teams in the Premier League not playing due to both Manchester United and Southampton being in that final tomorrow afternoon. In fact it would have been the Manchester derby this weekend with Arsenal due to play Southampton too, so some clubs getting even more rest. The domestic cup competitions have been in full flow recently and some of the teams that were knocked out in the earlier rounds have taking advantage of the time off and gone overseas to the like of Dubai etc. It’s great for players to get rest, but it doesn’t always guarantee it’ll change things for the better or keep the good times going. Time off can go against you sometimes but too many games can keep a winning mentality going, it’s doing Manchester United no harm currently. It might not always be like that though.

Right, on to today’s predictions then. There seems to be four obvious home wins to predict today which I’m sure most people will be going with. They’re Chelsea, Everton, WBA and Newcastle. It might well be worth a punt on all these. The other two fixtures look to be a bit more trickier but before I realised I’d done it I had six home wins out of six down on my sheet. I was tempted with Hull vs Burnley as a 0-0 but for some reason I think they’ll keep their recent good winning home form going. As for Palace, well surely they’ve got to found another win sometime soon and after some time off and the fact that Middlesbrough aren’t great on the road. Home win to Palace. Enjoy all your football today and tomorrow, whatever you’re watching.

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