Soccer Saturday – my last chance?

desktop-logo (1)We all have issues Big Sam! You only have to pick your new England squad every now and again though, starting with your first one next week. We have to pick our Super 6 predictions every week! Who’s the most stressed?

Anyway, another week and I’m still here, thanks to Two Footed Tackle again. How are you all keeping this weekend? Did you enjoy the football last night? I watched Burton v Derby but it wasn’t the greatest match, however what a win for Burton Albion! Onto today’s Saturday games and of course the biggest game of the Premier League weekend looks to be Spurs v Liverpool. It’s not on the Super 6 cos of the early kick off. However, if you get the chance I reckon this is a game not to be missed. I say that now, it’ll probably be 0-0, but I doubt it. I’m predicting a goal fest and four goals minimum. With a Liverpool win too though. It’s just what they’re capable of for some reason at this early stage, just hit and miss and tomorrow is certainly gonna be a hit!

On to the actual Super 6 games last weekend, what another poor week it was. Not just for me again, but for most people doing the Soccer Saturday Super 6 in fact. Just the average scores all round with the odd surprise just thrown in there. Swansea 0 v Hull 2 being the obvious one. It’s never good for us predictors to come in regularly with bad results, however for football’s sake a shock result is always welcome.




Above are my predictions for this weekend then. I’ve gone for heavy home wins as the majority, that is always an easy prediction for all I know. That is why I’ve gone for it more as I believe Palace, Leicester, Everton are now all due their first home wins, along with the Arsenal finally picking up their first away win too.

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3 Thoughts to “Soccer Saturday – my last chance?”

  1. William EC Potter

    Hi – keen to discuss your opinions on the modern football spectator – please DM me if interested – would be much appreciated!

    1. Matt

      Thanks for your message. We’ll be in touch.

      1. William EC Potter

        Great – I am currently writing a thesis analysing how well new digital, social and broadcast media outlets replicate the experience of attending a football match.

        I am in the process of contacting some of the most recognised bloggers and opinion-formers for Premier League football teams and am writing to you in the hope that you might be interested in answering a few questions to help inform my research.

        If you have a spare 5-10 minutes to answer a few questions, I would be very grateful and happy to provide a blog/article/details of my thesis and research back if this is something of interest.

        Please let me know if this might be a possibility.

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