Soccer Saturday Super 6 – week 14

desktop-logo (1)Good morning to everyone out there. How are you all keeping on this fine November morning? Some tricky predictions again last week and unfortunately I only got three result predictions correct. Which meant just the measly six points for the second week running. Stick with me though as I know for sure I’m going to get hold of this and get a big score before Christmas.

It happens every week I know, the last-minute goals. Some go for you and some go against you. Two weekends ago West Ham’s last-minute winner helped me get two points, but Burnley’s last-minute winner cost me five points after I predicted a 1-1 draw for them. I happened to be watching Soccer Saturday when it went in as well, gutted!

Oh well, we move on. Predicting 0-0 draws is always a hard thing to do, more so cos it’s difficult in the first place to leave a score line alone and not actually touch the goals drop box when you’re filling your Super 6 form in. Going into injury time then two weeks ago, three games were goalless, not very often that happens in the Premier League. Obviously that changed and we finished with two nil nil games on Saturday, but Sunday brought another goal less encounter when Swansea played Watford. No wonder it’s difficult to predict correct score lines!

Take last weekend too, Manchester United drawing with Burnley. I ended up watching the full match on replay to have a look for myself at the amount of chances. As I heard both Match of the Day and Goals on Sunday didn’t have enough time to show all of them and just picked the best, or worse ones if you look at it from a different angle. I’m guessing a lot, if not all, would have gone for the United home win, even with them not playing great consistently so far.

Anyway, on to this week – here goes:


Gone for five home wins this week, but I can see them all been close games with maybe just the odd one goal in it. I was tempted to put City as a draw as I know Middlesbrough have been very good defensively, but I think with all City’s pressure they well might snatch it towards the end. I’ve gone for another Stoke away win after they’ve now found a bit of form. Sunderland are in awful shape and I think I heard they now have the lowest amount of points by any Premier League team after ten games. Burnley going well too and Palace simply to not play well on the road. Enjoy your Saturday football this afternoon and I’ll catch you next week.


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