Soccer Saturday Super6 Predictions – Week 18

desktop-logo (1)Good morning and happy Saturday everyone. Are we ready to talk about our Soccer Saturday Super 6 predictions game for another week? Yep me too. First though my usual busy Saturday morning earlier with the kids football training. Obviously with the weather so bad recently, we thought ahead and booked the local indoor football zone about ten minutes up the road. Best to have something booked to guarantee the boys and girls can have a run around. It may cost a few quid extra each week but as I said, the kids are definitely playing some football and the parents aren’t dealing with disappointed children, or getting wet. However, this week, no cold weather, no rain, just a lovely sunny morning! Always the way I suppose.

I’m not proud of my predictions last week at all. A poor 5 points which means I got five results completely wrong! Suppose I should have gone for a West Brom win and a Brighton win now thinking about it, Newcastle losing though? That’s not meant to happen is it? The other two could have gone either way result wise I suppose but if anyone predicted Swansea 5 Crystal Palace 4 haha, then hats off to them.




Onto this today’s games anyway and after actually doing these last night here are my predictions for all of the Super 6 games this afternoon. Palace have to win today and I think they will, along with Spurs, that should be a spanking against Swansea. Burnley are still poor on the road so a home win for Stoke. I wanted to go for a Sunderland win and probably should but I don’t like to change predictions to often when I’ve already saved them. The other two games I’m not that sure about so have gone for a goal less draw and score draw respectively.




FA Cup second round 2nd Round this weekend as well, so all the lower league teams along with the remaining non-league teams will all be looking to get through and come up against some of the bigger boys. You can read more about that though and all the actual cup games this weekend with our other writer Ian, who posted on here yesterday: FA CUP 3RD ROUND EVE #CUPSTORY. Enjoy your Saturday football wherever you are this afternoon.

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