Super 6 – International Break

desktop-logo (1)Hello and how are you all? Missed me? No, okay fair enough, not sure my family did either to be honest! Hah kidding, well that’s what they tell me anyway. Yes, I have been overseas on holiday for 10 days and didn’t have time to do my Super 6 blog predictions and previews. I did manage to do my Super 6 each week whilst away but the first week I don’t think I should of bothered.

Saying that, or I am just trying to defend myself? I was very close (isn’t everyone) with a couple of predictions, but as usual a couple of late goals messed up everything in the dying minutes for week 6. Four points overall though, shocking! Here is how I got on:


Super 6 – Week 6


Week 7 last weekend I did a little bit better, but Premier League wise I was very very close once again. The five points I did get, nearly wasn’t as I originally had Huddersfield v QPR as a 1-1 draw, not sure why after the Yorkshire teams recent form. Thankfully I changed my mind at the very last minute to the obvious result. I was certainly on it though for the correct score predictions for the Leicester City, Manchester City and Arsenal wins. With win predictions for all of them but missing out by one winning goal in all three of the games towards the end.

I had no idea on the Burton v Brighton score, so it was a more of a guess than anything. If anyone got WBA 4 v West Ham 2 correct as well, then fair play but I completely doubt it. My thoughts were that with Pulis under pressure it would go one of two ways. Another defeat for West Brom to ramp up the pressure even more, or for West Ham to finally win on the road. Oh well, roll on week eight.


Super 6 – Week 7




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