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super 6 predictionsGood afternoon to you all on this slightly chilly, but thankfully sunny Friday afternoon. I’ve had the window open for most of the day and it has been quite pleasant to be fair. It’s closed now of course as we head into late afternoon and early evening. I’ve done that more because I’m off out shortly, I’ve got a couple of things to do before heading back to watch the Trump Inauguration as he becomes the 45th president of the United States of America. Who’d have thought that would happen? Well it has, and if you predicted it then fair play to you. I never saw it coming, but maybe that’s why I can’t always see the results of some football matches coming either.

Last week’s prediction went okay as I got back into the swing of things. I think most weeks if Burnley are at home, you have to go for them to win such is their excellent home form. They’ve already had a few 1-0 home wins so it was the obvious result for me. Bournemouth continued their current run of bad form, particularly away from home so I thought Hull might get a result finally. Arsenal were always going to win at Swansea, so it was just about how many they scored. The most surprisingly fact was that Sanchez only got one of the four. I never saw the Stoke win coming though, that certainly surprised me but I really should have gone for a West Ham win. I did think there would be 0-0 at one of the games last weekend, I get that feeling sometimes and quite a lot of the time I get it correct. Unfortunately on this occasion I got the wrong games as Watford vs Middlesbrough actually finished 0-0.

Onto this week then and with teams buying and spending and of course teams selling, you never quite know at the moment which players may or not be in the team. Therefore for now, I’m going to say it’s a little once again. It’s not very often I actually change my predictions but I can honestly say, this time I did. I put my predictions in about an hour ago, however having just logged back in to do my six-a-side entry, I have had to change my mind having looked at what I put initially. Anyway here goes, my predictions for Week 27 are:

Enjoy whatever football you’re watching yourselves today!

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