Super 6 for the FA Cup

super 6 predictionsMorning all, how is it going? Another Super 6 weekend is here and it’s all about the FA Cup today. Are you off to a game? If so, please let us know. I’m having to do this prediction blog very very quickly as I’m off out asap and will not be back until later on this evening. Plus I had friends staying last night and when we said ‘it’s not going to be a late night’, turned out in us going to bed a 2am. Even worse when I walked into the kitchen this morning and counted more empty bottles of wine than I actually thought we’d drunk. Whoops!

Oh well, it’s not the first time that it has happened and it won’t be the last. Anyway, let’s get on with why we’re here. Starting with last week’s results. Three results correct and I was only out by a goal in all of those games, I thought West Ham would win, they’ve strangely picked up since the Payet incident and Andy Carroll is back and scoring. West Brom still going well to, they’ve had some home games this season where they’re still keeping clean sheets but are now scoring more than one or two. Bournemouth vs Watford was a draw as I predicted aswell.

I messed up in a couple of scores though, Everton was again an obvious result now looking at it, but I was in the thinking that Big Sam would finally kick-start is Palace team, but I was wrong. United stumbled too, but having seen the game, they had the chances to win but Stoke did okay. Derby County 3 Reading 2 though, how on earth did I get that correct and on that note we’ll move on to today fixtures.

As mentioned before, it’s the FA Cup this weekend and I just love cup upsets but I can’t see any today to be honest. I think barring the lower league and non-league teams I can all the rest actually resting players and bringing in the fringe players for this. I get the reason why and I have no issue with it as such, as long as they don’t dramatically change it to a completely unrecognisable team. That’s not fair on the fans, the players playing or the team as a whole. Here you go then, my predictions for Week 28 are:

Enjoy whatever football you’re watching yourselves today!

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