Super 6 Predictions Week 19

desktop-logo (1)Good afternoon and how are we all, looking forward to a super weekend of football and sporting action? My Soccer Saturday Super 6 predictions for this week are coming to you a day early. That has nothing to do with strategy or being more prepared for this week. It’s purely tactical and not from a prediction point of view, well I suppose it is slightly, as if I do not do them now I doubt I’ll be able to get this article/blog out to you in time. I’m busy tonight with guests coming over and then tomorrow I’m up, out and away for the weekend catching up with old friends from around the country for Christmas drinks and so on. Knowing where I’m going I expect to actually be in various pubs Saturday afternoon with Super 6 and Jeff Stelling on in the background. We shall see though.

Last week went okay, but my real lack of predicting accurate actual score lines is seriously costing me in the points league. I think I’m hitting the average of three or four correct results most week, but getting those full five points in becoming quite annoying so I must try harder, unless that is what I’m actually doing wrong in the first place?

Looks like I should have gone for an obvious Sunderland win I suppose, the ones I did get correct were only out by the odd goal, well except Spurs’ thumping of poor Swansea. The other two I got wrong at the bottom I got badly wrong, predicting draws when quite clearly I should have been going for convincing home wins.




Onto tomorrow’s games then, as mentioned I’m doing them a day early compared to normal, in fact I have literally just done them now. Newcastle should get back to winning ways and Arsenal are full of confidence currently so they’re two obvious home wins I think. Reading home win as well. I was tempted for a Burnley vs Bournemouth as a draw initially but in the end I know how poor The Cherries can be on the road. Palace’s belief will be up after last weekend huge win but I see a battling Hull getting the draw. My big gamble of the weekend in believing the hype around Sunderland so I’ve got for an away win for them.



Enjoy your Saturday football wherever you are this afternoon. I certainly will be but the majority of my watching will come Sunday lunchtime when I’m hoping to catch at least two of the games before jumping on a train back home.

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