Super 6 Predictions Week 21

desktop-logo (1)Good afternoon!! Well what a Soccer Saturday Super 6 predictions result I had midweek – can we do midweek prediction games all the time? I was concentrating on the Palace vs Manchester United match on Wednesday and didn’t really notice too many of the other results coming in. Then at the end I saw all the final scores and thought, hmm I might have done quite well here.

Obviously I knew straight away I’d not got the maximum number of points as I saw that Liverpool had spanked Middlesbrough in the end, when I’d gone for the draw. All the other games though and knew I’d got the correct team winning but had I got the actual correct score-line?

It didn’t take me too long to log on and soon I was counting all the five point scores I got. One, two, three, wow this is good, four! Four correct score-lines, that is my best for a very long time. That gave me a whopping total of 22 points. Most pleased. Of course a lot were obvious results so when I checked the league that I’m in I soon realised that everyone had done well too. Not as good as me mind due, as was clearly on top spot! Lets hope I can keep this up.



Today’s games are all a little tricky in my opinion, I suppose the two obvious ones are West Ham and Newcastle to win but we all know that’s never the case? The Middlesbrough vs Swansea, Stoke vs Leicester and Sunderland vs Watford games could go anyway with the way the league has been going this season. I can see both teams winning and the draw as potential results. Don’t ask me about Fulham vs Derby, I just think there may well be a spanking in the offering today so here are my predictions:



Enjoy your Saturday football as always, I’ve just got back from my busy morning to catch the last thirty minutes of the Chelsea game. Got a few things to do and then in about I should be down the pub for 4.30pm to catch the results coming in and then watch the West Brom Albion vs Manchester United match. Merry Christmas to you all out there by the way, enjoy the festive season and I’ll catch up with you on Boxing Day.

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