Third Super 6 in a week

super 6 predictionsMorning!!! Very early start for me today, thankfully I went to bed early last night. I say early, it was still close to 11pm when I got to sleep I reckon. I was shattered though. As well as my normal coaching that I have this morning with the boys, we got to take them somewhere special last night for another training session at Manchester United’s Carrington Training Ground. I’m not fully sure how it came about, but as we are a local club to the area, an opportunity came about that we could go up there, so we did. It was a great experience and all the kids loved it, even those that do not support Manchester United, hah.

That is why I’m extra tired though, plus it was a typical February night in Manchester. Cold, wet and windy, I love those conditions though so no complaints from me. Just hope it’s not like that today though, so we can get on all we have planned. We’ve got our normal training session and then if the weather is good there is a goalkeeper training session that I could go to as well. It’s going to be a very busy day, hence the 5am start this morning.

Right, what happened in midweek then with the Super 6 prediction game? I’ll tell you what happened, teams lost their bottle, nobody did well at Super 6 and I’m guessing the bookies had a field day with all the unusual results. It’s time for us to get our own back on them though. Yes, Arsenal slipped up in their title challenge with an absolute horror show, losing at home to Watford. Battling Sunderland also held Spurs to a remarkable 0-0 draw. With regard the other results on Tuesday, well except Burnley winning at home, the other three scores could probably have gone either way. Therefore I’m not the only one to have had a bad week I’m guessing as you can see below:

With all the football related stuff I have going on today then, I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up to date with the results coming in on Soccer Saturday this afternoon. More so, as I have an auntie visiting my folks place today so the plan is to go and see her around 3pm. Saying that, I’m pretty positive my dad will have it on in the back ground so I won’t miss too much. Hopefully then, I’ll be back to watch the Tottenham vs Middlesbrough game at 5.30pm then. Anyway, listed below are my score predictions for Week 30, let me know your thoughts?

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