Value in football is not always an immediate thing – time usually tells

What is value nowadays in the transfer market? One things for sure you need to work at it, with good scouting and having people in place who understand the market, unfortunately there are not many of those about. With a rumoured 100m + deal for Paul Pogba to Manchester United in the offing (though I will only believe it if it actually happens), the thing I seem to be hearing the most is that this guy is not worth the money. Was Rio Ferdinand worth 30m at the time he went to Old Trafford in 2003 (even the 18m West Ham sold him for to Leeds was at the time an eye-popping amount), is John Stones worth the 50m that Everton want from Manchester City for his services, Bournemouth have just paid 15m for Jordan Ibe, a bit part player for Liverpool (and that’s being generous) – yes even they cost that much.

My point is this – if you want a particular player, to get them nowadaysManchester United captain Rio Ferdinand celebrates after winning the Champions League final soccer match against Chelsea at the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow you have to offer an amount the selling club are willing to take, trying to negotiate them downwards, to what my seem an acceptable even sensible amount to the buying club doesn’t work as much in the modern game, especially in the Premier League, where sides are pretty cash rich thanks to the increasing value of TV deals. They don’t need to accept especially if they have been astute enough to secure the player to a long term contract. Look at Raheem Sterling – 49m looks like a bit of a waste of money as we stand but if in the next few years Pep Guardiola gets a song out of him, it will look like one of the best deals ever – he is only 21 remember. Rio Ferdinand was a stalwart at Manchester United for 12 years so 30m seems a snip and his service at and to the club was  outstanding, if Pogba and Stones end up at the Manchester clubs for a number of years, help  them to win trophies, improve and keep clear of injury then it will be money well spent.

Any transfer is a gamble, clubs have to speculate now as it may take a cr7 few  years to discover whether you get value or not, if you want the player and he is locked down to a nice secure contract then it is about how much the selling club are willing to take for them to part company with that player.  Cristiano Ronaldo is a great example, in 2009 Real Madrid paid the 80m that Manchester United quoted. Even though they did not want to sell him it was a fantastic deal for the Red Devils, one they controlled, they set the terms and it was a take it or leave it for the Spanish club, a near 68m profit. But lets be honest that amount NOW seems peanuts as over his seven years at Real with his performances, goals, trophies and personal accolades helping the club to make a massive profit on him, they have easily made back their 80m layout and more. It does not always work out like this but there is the gamble it is either taken or not.

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