Who is Mike Ashley?

As the news come in that Mike Ashley is now looking to sell Newcastle United before Christmas this year, we look into what he has done for the club and where they can go once he’s gone. Mr Ashley himself has a net worth of around £2.4 billion but one thing that stands out massively is that since he took over the club ten years ago for around £134.4 million he hasn’t even broken their previous transfer fee for a player.

With all the money that has come into the Premier League since he took charge, more so in the last few years with even more money from TV deals. Is it wrong that Michael Owen is till their record signing and that was two years before Ashley took over way back in 2005 for a fee of £16.8 million from Real Madrid. That’s small change these days!

Anyway, he finally wants rid and his aim is to get rid before Christmas this year. I’m not sure he’ll be able to do that so quickly, but if not then I do think it won’t be too long after that. Especially with rumours of British Businesswoman Amanda Staveley potentially being interested and having been at St James Park recently as well. Whether it’s her or not, whichever owner comes in it has to be the right person for Newcastle, which doesn’t just mean the highest bidder. If they can get that correct, then hopefully the company that takes over then looks forward to the future to establish themselves as Premier League regulars. Rather than being this up and down club like they have been in recent years.

Under Ashley they seem to take two steps forward and then one back with him saying he will do something good which he follows through on, but then something else is not right or goes wrong. Take the ex-players situation, for the fans it would be fantastic if they are in and around the ground on match days but as it stands they’re not really welcome from what I’ve heard. Or is it because they don’t want to be there whilst Ashley is there? For me they should be there as that is what happens at other clubs in the league and the fans would absolutely love to see them around the place.

Amanda Staveley

I honestly think Ashley still wants what’s best for the club and that is why he is selling now, although obviously with their current position he would get more money for the club. It has to be seen as a good investment and is crying out to be bought and finally become a regularly team that challenges for trophies every season. With Ashley managing to keep Rafa Benitez at the club they have every chance of doing that, so keeping him on was a massive boost at the start of the season when it looked like he might go.

It’s a great club in a great one club city and as we all know they have fantastic support up there with match days of 50,000 pretty much sold out every week. Even with the away fans selling out most of the time in their huge stadium too. The fans do want Ashley to finally go though and they certainly won’t miss him not paying for his own advertising around at the club and at the ground. More than anything though, Newcastle fans want passion, good football on the pitch but of course a trophy. Even a League Cup would be a massive boost and my word it will bring the city and the fans together even more.

Alan Shearer was happy when he heard Ashley was selling up

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